October 26, 2012

Private Contractor Anham Does Better than Government… for itself (IrregularTimes Reports)

The next time someone says to you that “whatever government does, business does better,” bring up Anham LLC, which according to a special inspector’s report found that Anham had been “egregious” in bilking the taxpayers of money.
Notably, SIGIR’s limited cost review of Anham questioned almost 40% of the costs reviewed. Particularly egregious examples of overbilling included an Anham subcontractor that charged the U.S. government:
• $900 for a control switch valued at $7.05 (a 12,666% difference)
• $80 for a small segment of drain pipe valued at $1.41 (a 5,574% difference)
• $75 for a different piece of plumbing equipment also valued at $1.41 (a 5,219% difference)
• $3,000 for a circuit breaker valued at $94.47 (a 3,076% difference)
• $4,500 for another kind of circuit breaker valued at $183.30 (a 2,355% difference)
As a result, SIGIR has formally questioned all of the contract’s costs and recommended reviews of billing practices in all of Anham’s U.S. government contracts in Iraq and Afghanistan, which total about $3.9 billion.
Anham did better all right… better for itself.


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